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Bronco Fix-It / Bronco Project

Service Request

  Enter a request for maintenance, custodial or landscaping services.

  Start a project by completing and submitting the Bronco Project Request Form.

Search Request or Work Order


Submitting a Bronco Fix-It automatically generates a request number. The original requester would have recieved an email with this number.
A request is a number.


Once a request has been accepted, it will be converted to a work order. At the time a request is converted, the original requester would recieve an email with the work order number
Work orders are a two-digit code, a dash, and a 6-digit number.

Maintenance Emergency

A maintenance emergency is defined as an immediate threat to someone or something's safety or security.

This may include floods, biohazards or similar situations. If you have a maintenance emergency, call Facilities Management Service Center (269) 387-8514.

Fire or Medical Emergency call 911.